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March 24, 2012
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Battle Royale: Rematch by Freefall42 Battle Royale: Rematch by Freefall42
Last time Red Olympian had faced Mistress Menace she was beaten to within an inch of her life, and that was only because she was saved by her husband Gavin Reynolds. Since that day she's been preparing for the eventual rematch. Training rigorously, acquiring anti-armor tech arrows, and hunting down leads.

However she didn't escape Mistress Menace's radar and the armored villainess mastermind has decided to force Red's hand early by sending out her minions to capture Gavin and bring him to her.

With Gavin captured, Mistress Menace sent out a message to Red letting her know that her precious husband has been captured and if she ever wanted to see him again she'd meet with her alone in an old Davis Industries warehouse in Independence port.

Red had no choice she went, as she entered the building she saw Gavin tied up looking like he was tortured for hours before she got there. Gavin looked up just enough to start to tell her it was a trap when a red and black armored fist came out of the shadows and hit Gavin in the face with enough force to break his jaw and knock him back into unconsciousness.

MM: shh, you wouldn't want to spoil the surprise would you? (as she turns her attention back to Red) So glad you could join us, I've been waiting for this day ever since your little boy-toy there stopped me from finishing you off all those many months ago.

RO: Why!? Why are you always targeting us, What do you have against us?

MM: Oh trust me, it didn't start as anything personal, but it just grew into something I've begun to enjoy immensely. I must say however, I really didn't expect you to show, what with your unborn child and all. That's gotta be killing you right now, choosing between the safety of your child and the man you love. (she snaps her fingers and on the catwalk above them appears 7 more figures) Oh and you will have to make a choice I assure you. (She let's lose a very confidant, sexy smile and lets lose with a blast of energy from her hand)

RO: YOU BITCH! (She jumps almost out of the way of the blast getting caught in the leg but lets lose her arrow)

As Red hit the ground she taps a small button on the back of her belt buckle, it begins to flash red and pops open as Red Micron pops out and above them a window breaks. The Paragons are here, the shots are made the battle begins, who will win?

( Continues in [link] )
This amazing scene and art is made by :iconavionetca: She is just so wonderful I hope to keep getting more from her as soon as I can.

Characters designed through City of Heroes, copyright NCsoft 2012.

Character belongs to me.
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hotrod5 Mar 24, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is going to be one hell of fight. Is it bad for me to root for the villain?
not at all, just nice to see people rooting :)
Very interesting and exciting action scene!
Thank you, This scene is going to set up the battle between the two supergroups. It's only because of :iconavionetca: that it's here at all though, She's fantastic!
I favorited the pic on her site! Thanks for commissioning it!
appreciate you giving love to the artist, she deserves it.
mr-redx Mar 24, 2012  Student General Artist
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