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United States
Current Residence: Imperial Beach, CA
Favourite genre of music: Punk/Ska and Motown
Favourite style of art: Comic / anime
MP3 player of choice: iPod nano
Shell of choice: Sea
Wallpaper of choice: Paint
Skin of choice: o.O didn't know I had a choice.
Favourite cartoon character: Droopy the Dog


Micron: A Short Bio by Freefall42
Micron: A Short Bio
   Todd Sams is a community college dropout, unemployed single father, and permanent bad luck magnet. Todd never had anything go right for him. His son hates him, the mother of said child died while giving birth and he just got attacked by a gang of thugs with no cops or superheroes in sight. He wished he could just somehow disappear from this existence...and he did. he shrank and shank till he was small as a grain of sand. Realizing what happened he acted most heroically and ran away. he stayed hidden for years, away from his son, his responsibilities, his life until he witnessed The Paragons helping with relief efforts after a particularly devastating tornado. Todd stuck around them, he was taken in by their exploits especially those of Gavin Reynolds. Gavin, being just a man granted insane abilities still wished to just live a normal life but refused to turn to his to wrongdoing. He saw a person who he could be every time he looked upon Gavin. During one of the Paragon's missions Todd saw a gunman about to take Red Olympian by surprise and he grew to normal size in front of the surprised would be assassin and knocked him out. Todd was granted a provisional membership to the Paragons and eventually became a full-time member and has begun trying to reconnect with his son. It'll be a long road but Todd finally has the courage to do what is right and make up for his past mistakes.

Artwork provided by :iconavionetca: A wonderful piece of a sadly underused hero of mine.

Red Olympian, Gavin Reynolds, The Paragons and of course Micron belong to me.

Guess What?

Journal Entry: Sat May 9, 2015, 5:29 AM
I'm back kids!

Time to start catching back up with everything.

Off I Go!

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 29, 2015, 11:54 AM
 Hey everybody, just letting you know that you won't see much of me for a month or so as I'm off for the High-seas. If I miss anyone's notes or comments I swear I'll get to them as I can. Take care DA community and I'll see you soon!

-Scotty Freefall

Fear Keeper: A Short Bio by Freefall42
Fear Keeper: A Short Bio
 The Fear Keeper is an unknown, he showed up in Eastwater just a few months ago out of nowhere, He has no other name, he has no past, he seems to appear out of the shadows when people are the most afraid. He feeds upon their fear. it empowers him, drives him and he won't stop until every living person is driven to their grave out of pure fright.
 Realizing the power within the mysterious man, Mistress Menace recruited him for the Orogeny with the promises of no longer needing to worry about being interrupted during his "feedings".

Various toxins and gasses: Creates and uses items that produce horrifying illusions.

Fear Absorption: He can drain people of their fear it renders the victim into a coma like state and grants him super-strength, super-speed, super-agility, and near invulnerability as long as the fear he drained lasts. Mostly the powers last for an hour unless it was drained from someone with a large amount of courage or from multiple victims. The powers will however drain faster if used exhaustively.

This intimidating piece was brought to you by :iconavionetca: Once again a wonderfully done artwork of a character that criminally has too little attention from me.

Fear Keeper and Eastwater belongs to me.
Detroit Justice : A Short Bio by Freefall42
Detroit Justice : A Short Bio
Erika Fisher is the daughter to the commissioner of the Detroit Police Department, growing up with a strong sense of morals and ethics as well as enough martial arts/self defense classes to keep an overprotective father happy, she went on to study law in Rhode Island and get a doctorate. All that came to a halt while at school she received a call saying that her father was murdered and the police had no leads as to who the killer was.
Erika took the life insurance money and bought a powersuit from Davis Industries through a contact she met while in school and proceeded to act as a vigilante shaking down anyone she could find who might have any leads on the killer. after 3 weeks of non-stop hunting she had the killer trapped in an alley and proceeded to beat him until he was almost unrecognizable, but her mother who was worried that her only daughter was getting in far too deep was following her around and stopped her from making a terrible mistake.
Over the years Erika has grown from a vengeful street vigilante to a police officer. She now is a respected superhero who has a reputation for being incorruptible as well as being the current chairperson of The Paragons, the Primer superteam of Eastwater.

Powers: Well trained in most martial arts as well as gymnastics. her powersuit doubles her already impressive strength, agility, and speed. it also has a mini forcefield generator in each of her gauntlets that manifests as energy shields that are nearly impenetrable.

This awesome artwork of the leader of the Paragons was created by :iconavionetca:. You probably could have told just from her distinctive style. Always a pleasure,  look her up and support her. You won't be sorry.

Detroit Justice and Eastwater belongs to Me.

Guess What?

Journal Entry: Sat May 9, 2015, 5:29 AM
I'm back kids!

Time to start catching back up with everything.


Favorite Character of mine or the one you'd like to see more of? (comment below) 

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